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2005 Yamaha Lx210 cheap2005 Yamaha Lx210$ 5,600.00
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2005 Yamaha Lx210 low-priced
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Seniors graduating from a Florida high school rode jet skis as their principal handed off diplomas from a boat during the ceremony
Prior to the ceremony, the graduates reportedly received a free training session on how to ride the watercraft.

Florida charter school holds graduation ceremony on jet skis
Forced to get creative with the coronavirus pandemic limiting large social gatherings, one Florida charter school made sure its seniors still graduated in style.

Why Boat Clubs and Yacht Shares Could Be the Best Way to Quarantine This Summer
With summer camps canceled and vacations on hold, finding a safe slice of paradise can be as easy as joining a boat club.

This Jet-Powered Electric Surfboard Lets You Surf Without Waves
Watersports startup YuJet is releasing a jet-powered electric surfboard next week that the company says takes just five minutes to learn and but will let you ride for about 40 minutes. No waves ...

Nassau Man Charged In Death Of Teen On Jet Ski: DA
An Oceanside man was arraigned Thursday on manslaughter charges related to the death of a teenager in a high-speed boat crash last summer. Christopher Palma, 45, was arraigned on charges of ...

Jet Ski Grads Get Diplomas Coronavirus Pandemic Style
It's a clever and memorable way to get your right of passage during a pandemic ... diplomas delivered to grads on jet skis!!!

Person taken to hospital after jet ski and boat crash near Sheppey's Kingsferry Bridge
A person has been taken to hospital after a crash between a jet ski and a boat. The accident happened near Sheppey's Kingsferry Bridge yesterday afternoon. Sheppey Coastguard was called at about ...

SEE IT: Graduating Florida seniors snag diplomas on motoring Jet Skis
Graduating seniors usually are discouraged from making waves, but at this Florida ceremony it was practically mandatory. Somerset Island Prep seniors rode Jet Skis to receive their diplomas on Tuesday ...

Pinellas leaders hold off on banning boats from Outback Key near Fort De Soto
Pinellas County leaders are holding off on a decision to separate boats and swimmers in one area of Fort De Soto Park.

Zooming on Jet Skis, Students of a High School in Florida Have an Adventurous Graduation Ceremony
“The idea to have a Jet Ski graduation is a perfect example of the innovative mindset that permeates Somerset Island Prep". Each drove the watercraft to the school's principal who was standing in an ...

Florida high school holds its graduation ceremony on jet skis
A group of Florida high school seniors held their graduation ceremony in a classic Floridian way, on jet skis. The pomp and circumstance for the graduating seniors of Somerset Island Prep in Key West ...

Florida high school holds graduation on Jet Skis
A graduating class in Florida did their best to adhere to social distance measure -- riding Jet Skis for their commencement to pick up their diplomas on Tuesday.

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