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This 279-Foot Sailing Yacht Concept Has a Mast Taller Than the Statue of Liberty
Royal Huisman’s latest sailing superyacht concept is nothing short of monumental. The epic 279-footer has a mast taller than the Statue of Liberty and would be the world’s largest sloop if it comes to ...

Candela’s hydrofoil boat is the world’s first electric speedboat
Electric water-bound vehicles typically either have speed or range, but not both, because planing motor boat hulls need enormous amounts of energy to go fast. A standard 25-foot boat, for example ...

New York man recreates father’s journey from Long Island to Florida in aging 22-foot motorboat
It’s one thing when you can say your dad took an aging 22-foot powerboat more than 1,000 miles from New York to Florida – and it’s another to repeat the feat yourself, in the same boat, two decades ...

The best boat fender of 2020
It also increases the chances of them splitting under repeated impact ... specifically designed for popular recreational boats from 20 feet to 30 feet long. Durable one-piece construction.

Crew members on California dive boat that sank, killing 34 people, say they had no emergency training
Crew on a dive boat say they were never instructed on emergency procedures before a fire swept through the vessel anchored off the Southern California coast.

Boat ramp closures draw ire of boaters wanting water access in Martin County
Boaters are using waterways at a record rate this year, but needed repairs to some boat ramps are hampering efforts to enjoy a day on the water.

No emergency training for crew on dive boat where fire killed 34 in California
The cause of the fire on the the Conception remains undetermined, the NTSB said. Thirty-four people died in the fire off the Southern California coast.

No emergency training for crew on boat where fire killed 34
Crew members on a dive boat say they were never instructed on emergency procedures before a predawn fire swept through the vessel as it was anchored off the Southern ...

No emergency training for crew on California dive boat where fire killed 34
The cause of the fire on the the Conception remains undetermined, the NTSB said. Thirty-four people died in the fire off the Southern California coast.

Crew on Boat Where Fire Killed 34 in California Had No Emergency Training
Crew members on a dive boat say they were never instructed on emergency procedures before a predawn fire swept through the vessel as it was anchored off ...

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