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Chester Bennington’s Grey Daze Drop ‘Soul Song’ Video Directed by Late Singer’s Son
Chester Bennington’s first band Grey Daze have dropped a new song, “Soul Song,” accompanied by a touching video directed by the late singer’s son, Jaime Bennington. “Soul Song” is a booming alt-rock ...

Jaime Bennington is using meditation to become closer to Chester
Director Jaime Bennington expresses his mindfulness with "Soul Song," a track from his late father Chester's pre-Linkin Park band, Grey Daze.

Chester Bennington’s first band Grey Daze release fourth new single ‘Soul Song’
Grey Daze, the band fronted by Chester Bennington before he went on to form Linkin Park, have released a fourth single from their upcoming album 'Amends' ...

Grey Daze Release Beautiful New Video Directed By Chester Bennington’s Son, Jaime
Watch Grey Daze’s new video for Soul Song, directed by Chester’s son Jaime Bennington. Grey Daze have unveiled a beautiful new video for Soul Song, not only directed by Chester Bennington’s son Jaime, ...

Bates won't seek 2nd term
Rep. Chris Bates, a Democrat who won election to the Vermont Legislature two years ago as 'The Fishin' Politician,' says he won't seek a second term from the Bennington-2-1 House ...

Bennington applies new technology and pandemic guidance to small town
Municipal business in Bennington has been catapulted into the digital age as town agencies adapt to COVID-19 guidelines while helping businesses in town to do the same. Bennington is not regarded as a ...

Grey Daze Reimagining the Music, Legacy of Chester Bennington on ‘Amends’
No eloquent lede I could have written would have adequately summed up all that is Grey Daze, better than the very words out of the depths of songwriter ...

Road work for the week of May 25
The following list of road projects for the coming week was supplied by the Bennington Department of Public Works. Motorists are asked to use caution and expect delays, as workers ...

Bennington High School celebrates graduates with exciting send-off
Today Bennington High School, class of 2020, graduated. Today’s graduation is one of the most high energy graduations I have ever been too. After the pandemic started these students weren’t even going ...

Seniors celebrate their last day of High School in Bennington
Wednesday was the last day of class for seniors at Bennington High School. The schools classrooms may be empty, but that didn’t stop the class of 2020 from driving tractors to school to celebrate the ...

Staff member at Nottinghamshire Police is keeping busy volunteering for Long Bennington Medical Centre during her spare time
A staff member at Nottinghamshire Police has been keeping busy in her spare time volunteering for her local medical centre.

WATCH: Grey Daze’s New Video For ‘Soul Song’, Directed By Chester Bennington’s Son
Grey Daze have released a video for 'Soul Song, another new song from their upcoming album 'Amends'. The clip was directed by Chester Bennington's Jaime. This is what he had this to say about the ...

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