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Iran's Mad Max Navy Could Give Donald Trump a Giant Headache in a War
On May 16, 2019, U.S. officials cited reports that Iran had installed missiles on civilian motorboats in the Persian Gulf as a justification for a major deployment of U.S. military forces to the ...

The biggest map changes in Fortnite: Chapter 2
A massive new map wouldn’t be complete without a couple of new ways to transport around it. Players can now use boats and pogo sticks to maneuver around the battle royale island. Motorboats are ...

British man, 70, and his Filipina wife who were kidnapped from their own Philippines beach resort
A British man and his Filipina wife have been kidnapped from their own beach resort by an armed gang before being spirited away on motor boats. Allan Hyrons, 70, and Welma Paglinawan-Hyrons were ...

Man, 65, dead in boat crash
One man is dead after two boats collided on Bob's Lake in South Frontenac Township Thursday night, Ontario Provincial Police said. OPP and paramedics responded to the collision shortly before 7 p.m.

Elderly British man, wife abducted from their Philippines resort
An elderly British man and his wife were abducted from their Philippine resort by at least four armed men, who dragged the couple into motorboats and took off, officials said. The gunmen pulled Allan ...

How to Get Super Rich Selling Superyachts
Lurssen traces its roots to 1875, when 24-year-old Friedrich Lurssen started a boatyard near Bremen. At first he made only row boats, but later pioneered motorboats with a founder of automaker Daimler ...

Orkeny 20 PilotHouse
Simple and easy to use this dedicated Irish and UK boats for sales site offers you an uncluttered and comprehensive selection of yachts, motorboats, dinghies, sportsboats, canoes and tenders for sale.

Nelson council questions 60-slip marina at former Kutenai Landing site
“I’m hearing from people that they don’t want a marina,” councillor Rik Logtenberg said. “I would like to see it specify non-motorized, non-combustion boats. Sixty more motorboats is hard to swallow.” ...

The New Sub-Urbanist: Stand-up paddleboarders don’t need life jackets
That includes watercraft from recreational motorboats to rowboats, canoes, kayaks, and even stand-up paddleboards. Thiele’s bill stems, perhaps, from good intentions. His draft bill notes a majority ...

Iran's Strange Navy of Small, Fast Boats Is No Joke
Finally, on the heavy end the IRGCN can deploy twenty Thondar-class fast attack boats armed (Chinese Houdong-class) with four C802 anti-ship missiles each, and ten Tir-II torpedo motorboats. If the ...

Vivacity 650 from CBY Reduced
Simple and easy to use this dedicated Irish and UK boats for sales site offers you an uncluttered and comprehensive selection of yachts, motorboats, dinghies, sportsboats, canoes and tenders for sale.

Iran's Strange Navy of Small, Fast Boats Is No Joke
On May 16, 2019, U.S. officials cited reports that Iran had installed missiles on civilian motorboats in the Persian Gulf as a justification for a major deployment of U.S. military forces to the ...

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