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LF - 2003 Brig Inflatable 10'2" - Mercury Outboard - Connecticut cheapLF - 2003 Brig Inflatable 10'2" - Mercury Outboard - Connecticut$ 315.00
  • Watchers: 47
  • Bids: 18
  • Shipping: Not specified
  • Time left: 1 day 20 hours
  • Category: Other Boats
LF - 2003 Brig Inflatable 10'2" - Mercury Outboard - Connecticut low-priced
LF - Trinka 10' Sailboat - Massachusetts cheapLF - Trinka 10' Sailboat - Massachusetts$ 227.50
  • Watchers: 27
  • Bids: 12
  • Shipping: Not specified
  • Time left: 1 day 20 hours
  • Category: Other Boats
LF - Trinka 10' Sailboat - Massachusetts low-priced
Boat and motors cheapBoat and motors$ 117.50
  • Watchers: 17
  • Bids: 12
  • Shipping: Not specified
  • Time left: 1 day 17 hours
  • Category: Other Boats
Boat and motors low-priced

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Florida Man Crashes Boat Into Marina in Viral Video
Brendan Sheridan, 32, was arrested and charged after police say he struck other boats at a Sarasota marina. The extent or cost of the damage to the other vessels is not yet known.

Tiny boat message found 27 years after Duluth teachers launched it into Lake Superior
I'm traveling to the ocean." Although the little boat never left Lake Superior in all those years, its story has made it around the world after a couple recently discovered it on the other side of the ...

Man hits boats with yacht, Sarasota police report
The boater's blood-alcohol level was more than 2 times above the level at which people are considered impaired, according to a report.

Coast Guard Rescues Six from Boat Capsizing in Florida
Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg received a distress from the operator warning that their vessel was "close to capsizing." ...

Siren Marine Introduces Next Generation Connected Boat® Device Now Available for Pre-Order
Advanced “Smart Boat” Technology is Driving a Better Boating Experience To get started, all you need is a Main Device, a service subscription plan and the free, iOS and Android compatible Mobile App ...

What We Know Now About Scottish Robot Spy Boat
Mounting evidence points to the likely owner of the mystery vessel washed up in Scotland. And the episode tell us something about modern intelligence gathering.

Clearwater Police Begin Removing Derelict Boats From Waterways
Clearwater condominium residents applauded when a derelict boat was removed from its grounded perch after a year.

Carnival Cruise rescues 24 people from sinking boat off Florida
It seemed like a small watercraft’s luck had run out when it began taking on water while off the coast of Florida this weekend — but then a passing cruise ship came to the rescue. “For those in peril ...

Coast Guard rescues six from boat capsizing near Sunshine Skyway Bridge
Six people were rescued Saturday by the Coast Guard from a boat that was taking on water near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg rece ...

Music video shoot aboard boat in Fort Lauderdale turns into fiery terror
A music video shoot aboard a 41-foot boat in Fort Lauderdale turns into terror after an explosion turns the vessel into a floating fireball.

Police: Man under the influence arrested after crashing into boats at a Sarasota marina
A man is facing boating under the influence and property damage charges after police say he struck other boats at a Sarasota marina Saturday. The Sarasota Police Department's marine unit arrested the ...

‘Storrowed’ boat wreaks havoc on commuter rail on Sunday
It may not have happened on Storrow Drive, but when a boat became wedged beneath the Beverly drawbridge along the Newburyport/Rockport commuter rail line, it interrupted train traffic for several ...

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