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News dealing with Personal Watercraft

Family of 4 rescued after 2 watercraft overturn in Lake Michigan
SOUTH HAVEN, MI — Two adults and two children were rescued after the rented personal watercrafts they were riding overturned on Lake Michigan, according to Tom Renner of South Haven Emergency Services ...

Orange hosts charity personal watercraft races over weekend
The Sabine River in Orange hosted a personal watercraft racing event over the weekend to raise money for the family of a Texas watercross promoter who died at an event earlier this year. A portion of ...

Crews search for man who fell off personal watercraft in Lake Ray Hubbard
A rescue team is searching for a man who fell from a personal watercraft Friday night in Lake Ray Hubbard. Officials were called to the lake after 8 p.m. Friday, where the man fell into the water and ...

Man, 25, arrested in connection with personal watercraft theft
NORTH MIAMI, Fla. - A 25-year-old man was arrested Monday in connection with the theft of a personal watercraft from the backyard of a home in North Miami, authorities said. Rahkeem Dorion James and ...

Woman Dies After Watercraft Incident in Carlsbad
The Carlsbad Police Department responded to a call at California Water Sports located in the 4200 block of Harrison Street for a collision involving two personal watercrafts at around 4 p.m. Officers ...

Police arrest man accused of stealing personal watercraft from North Miami home
NORTH MIAMI, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have arrested a man accused of stealing a personal watercraft from a North Miami home. North Miami Police arrested Rahkeem James, Monday. James is accused of ...

One person in serious condition after boat collides with personal watercraft
A 30-year-old Georgia man is in serious but stable condition after a ski boat collided his personal water craft. The two-vessel collision happened just after noon Sunday upstream from Chickamauga ...

Woman, 39, killed in watercraft collision on Carlsbad lagoon
A 39-year-old woman was killed Sunday after the personal watercraft she was riding on collided with another on a Carlsbad lagoon, authorities said. Carlsbad police were called to California Water ...

Kittitas County Sheriff's Office launches new patrol boat
The marine patrol program also uses 2 personal watercraft vessels for rescues or patrol. There are currently 8 deputies who have attended the state certified basic marine patrol school. Those deputies ...

After 'terrifying' Ocean City boat crash, some question rental rules
Some are also questioning what repercussions rental companies face when the worst happens. The number of boats and personal watercraft rented out of Ocean City is extremely high, according to boating ...

Man injured when WaveRunner, boat collide on Browns Lake
TOWN OF BURLINGTON — A man was reportedly seriously injured after a personal watercraft and a fishing boat collided Monday afternoon on Browns Lake, the Racine County Sheriff's Office reported.

Crews Find Man Who Family Says Fell Off Personal Watercraft in Lake Ray Hubbard
Dallas Fire-Rescue and Texas Parks and Wildlife recovered the body of a man who went missing while riding a personal watercraft Friday night on Lake Ray Hubbard. Family members and Texas Game Wardens ...

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